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All Ye Faithful

Posted by CC on February 8, 2012

Christmas at the Unitarian Church in CharlestonChristmas can be a conflicted time for religiously liberal folk.  Commerce and culture pull us to do and feel certain things.  There may be tugs from the past, both desired and resisted, that  try and draw us closer to observances from earlier days.  Present understandings also arise within us, as if asking to be acknowledged in the mix.  Is the conflict avoidable?  Can we experience Christmas without succumbing to commercial and sentimental overdose? This is the Reverend Danny Reed’s sermon delivered as a lead into the Christmas season on December 4, 2011.

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One Response to “All Ye Faithful”

  1. Catherine said

    What a fantastic sermon. Gosh I miss Danny’s wisdom and wonderful delivery style since moving away from Charleston. Enjoy and appreciate him you lucky, lovely UUs in Charleston, who I miss spending Sundays with :)

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