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Our Mission Statement: The Unitarian Church in Charleston – Building a Welcoming Home for Spiritual Freedom that Enriches our Lives and Serves our World.

From our Minister: “I know I need a worshipful community in which to grow, and serve, and thrive. I need an altar on which to place human confusion and need, and a temple in which to contain my family, alongside other families that look both quite like, and others that look remarkably, wondrously quite unlike my own. And I need a classroom for the expansion of my perspective and the deepening of my soul. I need a community of loving friends who share both agreement and disagreement, who support me when in the right, rebuke me appropriately when in the wrong, and who expect the same of me.”

Thank you! Besides those folk you hear in the actual audio of the podcasts, the following people have given a lot of time and energy to make these podcasts, this site, and the church’s main site a success. We would like to offer them our most hearty thanks! Amanda Albertson, Rio Mihal, Todd Frech, Mike Brandt, Michael Carnell and the Communications Committee.

Affiliate Links: Please note that many of the links in the podcast go to books and other materials on Amazon.com. By just shopping through these referral links, the church will get a small commission on your purchase while costing you nothing. No, your cost will not go up at all, but we would appreciate the small additional income that the referral will generate.


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Musical sounds buffers in some of the podcasts are courtesy of Alastair Cameron at www.cameronmusic.co.uk.